I have hunted with this family run outfitter for the last three years and I canít say enough good things about them. If you are looking to hunt in Wyoming, this my be the outfitter for you, Cody.

Sammy Davisson, of the Davisson Brotherís Band, with his
Ks dear he shot at 175 yards
with his 270 custom from the Cowboy Shop

Chris Davisson from The Davisson Brothers Band with his buck taken with his custon Cowboy Hunter from the Cowboy Shop taken hunting in Kansas with Wicket Outfitters


Antelope taken by Cody on 9/15/11, on his own, in area 70 on BLM land
in Wyoming at 225 yds, with his TC custom 30 Harriett.

Becky Sorensen, of Tangle Ridge Outfitters, taken
September 2011, with a Cody Custom 25-06

12 year old Makyela Sorensen of Tangle Ridge Outfitters in Grey Bull, Wy. She shot it in the Big Horn mountains on October 21, 2012 with her Custom Cowboy Hunter 25-06 from the Cowboy Shop


1st shot at the coyote was offhand at 100 yds while
 animal was moving, 2nd shot was at 125 yds
from sticks.

Target shot at 200 yds with the rifle used in
these two hunts. Three Shots in virtually
one hole. Cody knows how to build a rifle!

Antelope at 525 yds in windy conditions from prone
position and rifle on bipod, one ridge top to another.
Thanks Cody for making this shot possible.


September 2010 Lena's at 175 yards with Cody built 6.5 -284
near Casper, Wyoming

Taken in Wyoming, September 2010 with my 6mm dasher
at over 500 yards


Mule Deer, 10-15-09 in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Remington 700 6.5-284 (Built by Cody), at 265 yards


Twin's Mule Deer, 10-16-09,
Bighorn Mountains,
taken with his Remington model 700,
7mm mag, custom bedded by Cody

Lena's Elk, October 2003, over 400 yards, with Cody's model 70 Custom 300 WSM


Lena's Mule Deer, taken in the foothills of the Bighorns in Wyoming, October 2005, with a Kimber Montana 300 WSM at 451 yards


Cody's Utah Elk, October 2003, taken with Custom Shop Winchester model 70, 300 WSM at 425 yards


This antelope was taken with a Remington 700 by Bruce
Mooneyham. The rifle was built by Cody. It is a custom
6.5-284.  Antelope was taken at about 450 yards. Without the
accuracy, that this rifle has, He would not have been confident
enough to have made the shot. This rifle was loaned to
another hunter who took an antelope doe at 625 yards.
To say I am pleased with this  rifle would be an understatement.

Dwayne  Nuckols shot at this at 350 yards, with his 6.5-284 build by the
Cowboy Shop in Wyoming, on September 17th 2013